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These are some of the fastest and largest offshore power boats in the world.  The boats are equipped with F-16 jet canopies!  Race teams consist of a two-person team - a driver who controls the boat’s steering and a throttleman responsible for operating up to four engines capable of producing more than 6,000 horsepower.

Extreme speeds of up to 180 mph and rough waters make it impossible for a single person to steer and operate the throttles. The best race teams hone the partnership between driver and throttleman down to a science, and incorporate the most advanced technology into their machines to generate optimum speed.


Super Boat Unlimited

Super Boat Vee Unlimited

Super Boat

Super Cat

Super Vee

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Super Boat Stock (S)

Factory 1 (F)

Manufacturer Production
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The majority of super boats events fall into two categories:

V-bottom and Catamaran boats.
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