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The Clearwater Super Boat races are set to be a fantastic success for the race teams and spectators, but in the end, it is the funding of these charities that truly measures our success.

The Spectrum 2017 Clearwater Super Boat National Championship Festival proceeds will support Tampa Bay Charities, Inc. which includes the Clearwater Community
Sailing Center and Sailability.

We understand that those with kind hearts and simple demands should not be
affected in these hard-economic times.  All of these Charities have a common focus of connecting our community to our waters, enabling children and adults alike to enjoy the paradise in which we live.

The success of last year’s race with the support of businesses and individuals throughout the community helped provide funding for the following charities:


Sailability Greater Tampa Bay’s mission is to provide affordable, accessible sailing activities and education to children
and adults of all abilities focusing on community integration to improve the quality of life for all involved.
Clearwater Community Sailing Center

The Clearwater Community Sailing Center works towards promoting true sportsmanship and instilling the
principle of inclusion throughout our community. The CCSC works toward providing safe and enriching sailing opportunities
for the community as a whole; youth, seniors and the disabled alike.
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